Summer Grilling Tips

Top-Notch Summer Grilling Tips

from Rockit Ranch Chefs

Summer is officially here and there’s no better time to fire up the grill! Check out these expert tips from Rockit Ranch’s roster of award-winning Executive Chefs and master the art of the backyard cookout this season.

Chef Michael Sheerin


“Once you’ve lit the grill and it’s hot, turn the gas down to medium or rack the coals on just one side to give yourself the option of having two heat sources — one direct and one indirect. Large cuts of meat should be cooked indirectly, but smaller cuts can be placed directly above the heat source. Rub your protein with a little bit of oil before placing on the grill to prevent it from sticking and you’re good to go!”

Chef Jess DeGuzman


“If you’re grilling up steaks, make sure you have a nice char on the outside but keep the meat a little rare inside. You can always put the steak back on the grill to cook it more or to meet a desired temperature, but you can’t go back once it’s burnt.”

Chef Kris Delee

The Duck Inn

“Always let your meat rest before putting it on the grill. So many people just start cutting their meat right after the marination process, but allowing it to rest will keep it from losing too much juice. Having a cold beer handy to keep you cool while you have a face full of fire doesn’t hurt either!”

Chef Nicole Ella


“Make sure the grill is brushed and oiled before cooking up your protein to prevent stick! Just dip a few paper towels into high-heat cooking oil and use a pair of tongs to lightly wipe down the grates while they’re heating up.”