Chicago Tribune Reviews The Duck Inn


Check out this amazing review of our sister venue, The Duck Inn!

For a restaurant that’s been open a little more than three months, The Duck Inn has deep roots.

The Bridgeport restaurant, created in December by chef Kevin Hickey (as part of his partnership with Rockit Ranch Productions), occupies a corner tavern that predates Prohibition. It takes its name from a Depression-era lunch counter, at Ashland Avenue and 35th Street, that was run by Hickey’s great-grandmother. Hickey himself is a sixth-generation Bridgeporter and has been angling to open an upscale restaurant here for several years.

Hickey’s menu, tightly focused because of the building’s tiny kitchen, is itself an homage to the neighborhood and its history. Polish and Lithuanian influences pop up here and there, and a few dishes seem inspired by Wisconsin vacation memories.

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