Arturo Gomez featured in DiningOut Magazine

Arturo Gomez was featured for “The Legacy of Chicago Dining” in DiningOut Magazine’s Winter 2016 issue. Gomez commented on pros of Chicago dining and what makes it such a great restaurant city.

On pros to Chicago dining, Gomez said, “Ours is a world-class city that is growing at a steady rate. Plus, it’s the heart of the country and a fantastic destination for tourists and business travelers. It’s regarded as one of the best culinary cities in the world.”

Gomez also talked about Chicago’s growth and development in areas like Wicker Park,  Logan Square, Randolph Street and Fulton Corridor. These and other neighborhoods are blossoming and making way, “for ever more restaurants.” “Also top level chefs making Chicago their home has pushed the bar really high,” Gomez said.

Chicago’s focus on customer experience, use of high level product and diversity of food and beverage talent are a few of the things Gomez names as factors that make Chicago a fantastic restaurant city.

Gomez also commented on the future of Chicago dining, “We are on the verge of popping a bubble. Rents in the city have gotten very high and competition is greater than ever. I see some promising trends, though, that I believe will maintain our status as a world class restaurant destination.”

Gomez doesn’t see competition as a bad thing and says it keeps people on their toes and increases benefits for the consumer.

“At the core of our growth will be our commitment to innovation and strong operations,” Gomez said.